News of Angel City singer Doc Neeson’s death gets the Newt sadly typing

The Angels at full roar

Just noticed an e-mail from fellow Vancouver rock writer “Big Al” MacInnis relaying the sad news that Doc Neeson, the singer from Angel City–or the Angels, as they were called in their native Australia–passed away today at the age of 67.

Man, I used to love Angel City tunes like “Marseilles”, “Shadow Boxer”, and especially “Take a Long Line.”

News of Neeson’s passing had me digging around downstairs in my boxes of old Georgia Straight newspapers, ’cause I knew I’d interviewed him back when the band put out its Two Minute Warning album.

Lo and behold, here’s my copy of the March 22, 1985 issue, with the story I was lookin’ for. And right underneath my Angel City piece is one I did on Coney Hatch–who are still around in some form, and are actually playing the upcoming Sturgis Canada Festival!

Who knew?


So even though it’s after midnight and I gotta get up in six hours and go to work, I’m gonna freakin’ retype that story, ’cause I just know there’s some hardcore Angel City fans out there who’d love to read it.

Or one, anyway. Right Big Al?


“We were driving around L.A. yesterday,” relates Angel City vocalist Doc Neeson, “and we passed this fantastic crowd of about 20 or 30 black guys–a conga band. So I stopped. Then one of them grabbed a hold of our lead guitarist! And to us, culturally, you’re just never quite sure–when you’re around a bunch of guys like that–whether it’s cool to be in their space.

“So when this guy grabbed Rick we thought, ‘Uh oh, here’s trouble’. Then he said ‘I know you man…You was on MTV!”

Doc Neeson and the rest of Angel City are well aware of the saving graces of visual exposure. Along with the video of their latest single, “Underground”–which was shot by the same production company that made The Road Warrior–they have three other clips to come from their new album, Two Minute Warning. Videos of “Sticky Little Bitch”, “Look the Other Way”, and “Between the Eyes”–all filmed in the band’s native Australia–are already in the can.

And to get their message of gritty rock across to the live masses the band have undertaken a whirlwind North American tour, of which last week’s Vancouver appearance with Triumph was their first Canadian date.

Angel City was formed in the mid-seventies when Irish-born Neeson, who had migrated from Northern Ireland to South Australia with his parents, met up with the guitar-playing Brewster brothers, Rick (lead) and John (rhythm). The group had international success with the singles “Marseilles”, “Take a Long Line”, and “(She Keeps) No Secrets”, and toured with the likes of Cheap Trick, Meat Loaf, and even David Bowie.

WIth their gritty, basic sound, Doc’s devious vocals, and the brotherly guitar unit, Angel City couldn’t help but be compared to another famous band from Down Under called AC/DC. But the similarity to Bon Scott never bothered Neeson.

“As far as I was concerned it was a bonus,” he says. In actual fact, it was AC/DC that got Angel City their first record deal, taking them along on tour and introducing them to their record company. And while AC/DC have faltered in their album work in recent years, Angel City have only progressed, to the point where Two Minute Warning is jam-packed with great on-the-brink-of-mayhem rock and roll.

Over the sturdy rhythm section of bassist Jim Hilbun, from California, and drummer Brent Eccles from New Zealand, Doc and the Brewster brothers burn through songs like “Underground” and “Walking to Babylon”. The latter tune contains excerpts from a poem by Bertolt Brecht, of whom Neeson–a university drama student before turning rocker–is especially fond. “I just think he’s a fantastic writer. And I really liked his ideas about people.”

Two Minute Warning is one of the strongest and most consistent hard rock albums released so far this year. A lot of credit for the LP’s winning sound must to to producer Ashley Howe, whom Angel City searched out for his ability to get the best out of a guitar-dominated group.

“A lot of producers,” explains Doc, “get very scared by guitars. They always try and push them down in the mix and have a weak tone on them or something like that. And Ashley had worked with groups like Uriah Heep, Queen, and Ted Nugent. In fact he’s also engineered John Lennon’s ‘Cold Turkey’ track. So we had a good sort of rock and roll connection right from the start.”

R.I.P. Doc


9 thoughts on “News of Angel City singer Doc Neeson’s death gets the Newt sadly typing

  1. Thanks for that, Newt! Turns out this is the same tour that I heard about from a guy who works in a Coquitlam thrift store (Crossroads Hospice). He’s a record geek himself and told a story – while selling me a copy of The Angels Greatest – about seeing the band (Angel City, whatever) getting sorely abused in front of Triumph on a Calgary date. The audience there was apparently VERY unwelcoming, throwing stuff and such, and Doc called the set short. Personally, I wish I’d gotten to see them at least once…

  2. Doc Neeson of The Angels/ Angel City -what a great Live rock band and awesome frontman. Should, could have been bigger than AC/DC. Maybe just a little ahead of their time with look and sound. And maybe a little more promotion and tour support would have helped.
    Still a great body of work to draw from.

    I would highly recommend the DVD Live at Narara.
    Does it get any better than this?- Marsellies from Live at Narara

  3. So fortunate to have seen Doc perform with The Angels and a few of non Angels gigs, well over 30 times. Awesome performer RIP Doc

  4. Being a working musician/regular gig goer in Australia, I’ve seen The Angels on several occasions & chatted with Doc on a few of them. There are many awesome hard rock bands doing the rounds in hundreds of cities & towns right across our wide, brown land, but for me, The Angels were always head & shoulders above any of them. We will forever miss Bernard “Doc” Neeson. R.I.P.

  5. I’m positively heartbroken! I feel like a total idiot,too! I didn’t even know that “DOC” had passed away! Though they weren’t “HUGE” on this side of the ATLANTIC (not sure why) I thought they were sensational! I actually got to see them only once…back in the mid 80’s. They had to open for TRIUMPH! The only reason I went was because of ANGEL CITY! No offense to TRIUMPH…they were excellent to watch live but ANGEL CITY was one of my fave bands! Too bad comnercial radio sux so much! The last time I had heard any of A.C.’S music on the radio was when TWO MINUTE WARNING was out! Rest in Peace, “DOC!” : (

  6. I am still devastated. Fan since I first heard them in 1978, and I first saw them in 1979 Melbourne pub scene and well, that was it. Massive fan. Used to imitate Doc at nightclubs when songs came on. Followed the band at several locations in Melbourne when touring. Went to the AC/DC open air sold out concert with The Angels support act. (only went due to the Angels there). Saw the Mr Damage Tour 10/12 years ago. Saw the last tour “Doc” did before illness also. Only one “Doc” ever, and I am sure I will have The Angels playing at my funeral service as I did my 5oth birthday in 2012. For info’ The Angels are still playing, and have a concert at Mornington Racecourse with several great old Aussie bands in January 2018. Singer sounds similar and was a huge fan when he was younger so heart and soul into it. Have not seen them with him but reports say he does a good job. Still have the Brewster brothers.

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