Alice Cooper’s youthful band breathes fire into the shock-rock’s king’s classics in Vancouver


photo by Kevin Statham


By Steve Newton

If Alice Cooper’s concert at the Coliseum last Thursday (January 18) were a horror movie–and in a way it nearly was–it might have been called the The Return of Alice, Part 10: The New Blood. On his latest tour, the king of nasty rock has surrounded himself with a youthful band that really breathes fire into his ’70s classics and current hits.

Guitarists Pete Friesen, 23, and Al Pitrelli, 27, might not be as tasty as the original guitar team of Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce, but they certainly have the metal chops to update Cooper’s sound for the 1990’s. And with former Joe Satriani drummer Jonathan Mover egging them on, they took no prisoners on tunes like “Muscle of Love”, “Eighteen”, and “Gutter Cat Vs. the Jets”.

But there real star of the show was the Coop himself, of course. A master of simple props and grand gestures, Cooper had the 7,000 fans eyeing his every move. Whether losing his head in the guillotine on “I Love the Dead”, scrapping with screen killers Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers during “Welcome to My Nightmare”, or being beaten and straight-jacketed by nasty nurses for “The Ballad of Dwight Fry”, Alice gave everyone their money’s worth in the theatrical department.

For some reason, Cooper didn’t bring out his famous boa constrictor this time around, but the sight of him wearing a “Die Yuppie Scum” t-shirt during the encore of “Under My Wheels” made up for it.

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