Guthrie Govan says the Aristocrats recreated Van Halen’s echo from Fair Warning


By Steve Newton

My feature story on Guthrie Govan and the Aristocrats will be posted in a day or two, but there wasn’t room in that one to include all the cool shit guitar genius Govan had to say to me last week.

So I banged out that first blog on the influence of Joe Satriani and Zal Cleminson, and then that other one on how Guthrie got so goddamn good.

Now it’s time for one about the Aristocrats recording their wicked new album, Tres Caballeros, at Hollywood’s legendary Sunset Sound studio.

There’s where the likes of Zeppelin, the Stones, and Van Halen all recorded landmark albums, so of course I had to ask Guthrie if he’d sensed the mojo of those bands while laying down tracks.

“Absolutely,” he declared. “We were actively looking for it. That’s mostly why we spent a little extra money and went there instead of recording somewhere else. We were hoping the mojo would somehow fuse itself into a fitting product, and in some senses it did.

“We had a religious moment where the sound engineers took us into the other room and said, ‘This is where Eddie Van Halen recorded “Eruption”.’ And then they took us back us to our studio and said, ‘This is the echo chamber where everything you hear on Fair Warning would have been played through this giant stack of speakers.

“They would mike up the room and record just to get the acoustic properties of this special room, and then use that instead of using synthetic reverbs.

“So we have the same echo that you hear on Fair Warning. We spent hours and hours in the studio just running every track that we had through this echo chamber.”

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