That time Tony Iommi told me that the first guitar he ever wanted was a Strat

By Steve Newton

So here’s the last of the audio excerpts from my 1984 interview with Tony Iommi, back when Black Sabbath was touring behind the Born Again album.

I called him up at his home in Birmingham–or maybe he called me up, it was a while ago–and we chatted about stuff like the band’s blowing up of singer Ian Gillan’s boat, the second album with Gillan that never happened, their oversized Stonehenge tour props, his losing his fingertips in an accident, and how loud Black Sabbath is.

As the interview wound down I asked him about his choice of guitars, and it closed off with Iommi inviting me to drop by backstage and say hi after the Vancouver gig.

Of course, shortly after he said that the show was cancelled, due to poor ticket sales, I presume. So I never got the chance to get his autograph on my copy of Born Again, although I’m pretty sure I would have left that at home and brought Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath instead.

At any rate, he sure seemed like a nice guy. I especially like the part where he cautions me to bring earplugs.

Have a listen:


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