18-year-old Derek Trucks ponders the influence of Jimi Hendrix


By Steve Newton

The vast majority of stories posted on Ear of Newt are taken from my 35 years (and counting!) as a freelance writer for the Georgia Straight newspaper in Vancouver, but every now and again I’ve landed articles in other publications.

Back in 1998 an interview I did with 18-year-old slide-guitar wunderkind Derek Trucks wound up in Experience Hendrix magazine, which was published out of Seattle by the Hendrix family itself.

That was a cool mag to write for.


During the course of the interview with Trucks I asked him if Hendrix was an influence at all, but I already had a pretty good idea that he was.

Have a listen:



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One response to “18-year-old Derek Trucks ponders the influence of Jimi Hendrix

  1. I saw him play in a Blues Club in Atlanta when he was 13 or 14. No kidding. Owner of the Club, ( Jim Macdarus RIP) Blues Harbor (RIP also), told me he had to get a special work permit for Butch Trucks Nephew. I knew after his first few links he was in it for life. Great to see him become the player he is today. Now, go hire BB Kings Band and play some Blues Damn it.
    DB, Griffin, Ga.

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