That time Yngwie Malmsteen told me he was inspired by Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and Leonardo da Vinci

By Steve Newton

Yngwie Malmsteen is famous for his blistering speed on the fretboard, but his choice of reading material isn’t nearly as well known.

The first time I interviewed the Swedish guitar legend, back in 1985, he had recently released his second solo album, Marching Out, which included a thank you to Stephen King.

Turns out the 23-year-old Stratmaster was a big fan of novels like Firestarter, The Stand, The Talisman, and the short-story collection Skeleton Crew.

He went on to explain that he was also inspired by the creative abilities of horror pioneer H.P. Lovecraft and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Have a listen. (You’ve gotta crank the volume a bit, but it’s Yngwie, so you’d do that anyway, right?)


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