R.I.P. Gregg Allman: 10 minutes on the phone with the southern-rock legend at 50

By Steve Newton

It’s a sad day for fans of arguably the best rock band of all time: the Allman Brothers Band.

Greg Allman passed away today at his home in Savannah, Georgia. He had been suffering from ill health in recent years, dealing with a respiratory infection, a liver transplant, and an irregular heartbeat.

I’m not gonna go on at length about how amazing the Allman Brothers Band were with their progressive blend of blues, jazz, country, and southern-rock stylings, the tragedies they’ve overcome, or all the incredible music they released over the years.

The true fans already know all that stuff.

What I will do is post the one and only interview I did with Gregg back in 1998, when he was 50, and trying to turn his life around with the solo album Searching For Simplicity.

He talked about bringing a version of “Whipping Post” into his solo show on a dare, riding motorbikes, and trying to stay healthy, among other things.

“Now that the chemical thing is gone, it makes each day a little more precious,” he told me.

Have a listen:


Gregg Allman will be buried at Rose Hill cemetery in Macon, Georgia, where his brother Duane and ABB bassist Berry Oakley have also been laid to rest. He is survived by his seventh wife, Shannon Williams, five children (sons Devon, Elijah Blue, and Michael, and daughters Delilah Island and Layla Brooklyn), and three grandchildren.


2 responses to “R.I.P. Gregg Allman: 10 minutes on the phone with the southern-rock legend at 50

  1. Really appreciate you sharing this…… Santana ….Allman Bros. My two favorite bands….and of course the legendary Beatles….. A little different as the fab four do not have the guitar, keyboard and percussion solos…. I have all the albums….as well as the CD’S…… What was so joyful was sharring these albums with friends who had never heard them before… Live at the Fillmore east …. My opinion… Greatest “Live” concert ever recorded…. “Now put your hands together for this” okay ….Gonna put that on real soon .Thanks again.. GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • Gregg seemed to have hated the book “Midnight Riders”, about the Allman Brothers. But I have to say, It was a damn good read.

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