Guitar legend Steve Howe lists his fave players, calls Steve Morse “phenomenal!”

By Steve Newton

I interviewed guitar legend Steve Howe for the third time last month, in advance of a Yes show at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.

Near the end of the conversation I asked the 70-year-old fretmaster who he’d been listening to in his spare time, which led to him naming some of his favourite guitarists of all time.

Have a listen:


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5 responses to “Guitar legend Steve Howe lists his fave players, calls Steve Morse “phenomenal!”

  1. Doesn’t really have anything to do with the Steve Howe article, but just needed to say, the format of your website/page is horrible. Seems scattered and a pain in the butt to navigate. Not trying to be a tool, just my opinion.

      • I agree with Al Staton, no offense intended, but he’s right. Your website format is a little scattered and difficult to navigate. You don’t seem to respond to constructive criticism very well. You should work on that. Again, no offense intended. It generally is a bad business practice to alienate people from your website. It tends to reflect on your reputation and on you as a person. Again, no offense intended. Have a nice day.

  2. I just said “see ya!” There’s lots of other websites a person can go to if they don’t enjoy this one. But as for Al’s “constructive criticism”, and yours, I don’t get why you say this site is difficult to navigate. There’s a long list of bands and artists on the left that you can click on if you like any of them. Under the Ear of Newt banner there’s “interviews” and “album reviews” and “concert reviews” to click on. I’m not very web-savvy, so maybe you can help me out, and explain what’s so difficult about it.

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