Album review: Lee Aaron, Emotional Rain (1994)



By Steve Newton

It never fails to amaze me how Toronto rocker Lee Aaron has managed to stay in the Canadian recording industry spotlight all these years with such questionable singing and songwriting talent. Is it because she was this country’s original “Metal Queen”, and that self-proclaimed title came with a lifetime supply of record-company interest? Is it because of her “hot” looks—or do hard work and determination have more to do with it?

I can’t figure it out, myself. All I know is that if you buy a case of Labatt Genuine Draft nowadays, there’s a one-in-five chance you’ll get a free Lee Aaron CD single with your brew. Considering the sad state of her latest batch of tunes, you’ve gotta wonder if it’s worth the risk.

The majority of the dozen songs on Emotional Rain were cowritten by Aaron and longtime guitarist John Albani, and most of them trudge along forgettably, creating about as much rock ’n’ roll excitement as the Schmenge Brothers on a bad night. To her credit, Aaron has moved on from the bubblegum crotch-rock of previous video/singles like “Sex With Love” and “Hands On”—and her attempts at integrating more soul and funk flavourings are admirable—but the music here is still not very good. That fact probably won’t make any difference to the stability of Aaron’s dubious recording career, though.

Didn’t she win a Juno for something once?

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