Thinkin’ about Dickey Betts…and that time he told me to quit being so “reclusive” and come meet him after the show

kirk west photo

By Steve Newton

In case you haven’t heard the news about Dickey Betts, the 74-year-old guitar legend fell and cracked his head the and is now in a Florida hospital, in critical condition, scheduled for brain surgery on Friday.

If I were a religious man I’d be sending prayers his way right now, but since I haven’t seen the inside of a church since God probly knows when, I’m sending good thoughts and best wishes for a complete recovery instead.

Speaking of good thoughts, Dickey’s tough situation right now has me thinking of how nice he was when I interviewed him back in 2001. As our “phoner” wound down, he invited me to come back and meet him after the show in Vancouver.

“I never get to see you writers,” he said in that fine Southern drawl of his. “You guys are kinda like us–you’re kind of reclusive.”

Have a listen:


Godspeed Mr. Betts.

To hear the complete 2001 interview with Dickey, become a patron of the Newt on Patreon.



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