If Barbra Streisand gets a heavy-metal T-shirt, why not Michael Bublé?

By Steve Newton

A few months ago I was watching the Comedy Network and one of those heavily rotated ads for the network’s awful @midnight show came on. What caught my eye was the T-shirt that one of the program’s guests was wearing. It was black with the type of scary, devil-skull design you often see on extreme-metal T-shirts, but instead of “Slayer” or “Cannibal Corpse” the bright-red, dripping-blood lettering spelt out “Celine Dion”.


That was interesting, for sure. But then just the other day I saw a Phil Collins heavy-metal T-shirt that I liked even more. The designers of this one had the good sense to have “Su Su Sudio” printed on the forehead of a fierce-looking demon, with “In the Air Tonight” emblazed down below, betwen the ghoul’s devil-horn talons.


That’s just good fashion sense, to me.

But if Celine and Phil aren’t among your faves, how about this one promoting the aural terrors unleased by Barbra Streisand:


Hey, of course the designer spelt her first name wrong. He’s a freakin’ death-metalhead!

Actually, if I were to pick one apparently inoffensive artist to get a metal T-shirt made for, I think I’d choose Michael Bublé. Hey, if they can metallicize Babs, he’s got it coming too.


Considering how much merch money might be at stake, maybe they could get his easygoing manager Bruce Allen to pose wearing it, grimacing fiercely, tongue out, making the devil horns.

That I’d like to see.



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