from the ‘hood



AGE OF ELECTRIC blasts pure pop on Make a Pest a Pet (1997)

Guitar idol DON ALDER finds one fan at a time (2012)

ANNIHILATOR’s Jeff Waters is getting into the “old hard-rock stuff” again (1990)

LONG JOHN BALDRY on Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Davie Bowie–and Images in Vogue (1985)

ART BERGMANN plays Sexual Roulette on behalf of downtrodden rockers (1990)

THE BLACK HALOS are back in black (2005)

THE BLUE VOODOO shoots for versatility (2004)

BODY ELECTRIC’s Frank Ludwig connects with street kids through rock ‘n’ roll (1984) 

Ox’s MARK BROWNING discards his “folk-porno” rulebook (2004)

Vancouver’s BUGHOUSE 5 taps Darryl Neudorf’s talent on Bull Mercury (2000)

JIM BYRNES busts out the blues (2004)

JIM BYRNES on the Vancouver blues scene and his idol Magic Sam (1985)

Bill Henderson says CHILLIWACK ripped off its name for the First Nations vibe (2000)

RYAN DAHLE does it all, with a little help (2009)

One band ain’t enough for Limblifter and Age of Electric’s RYAN DAHLE (1996)

THE DARKEST OF THE HILLSIDE THICKETS keep the spirit of Lovecraft alive (1994)

Scooter’s gutbucket brings a hillbilly vibe to THE DEADCATS’ surf-punk (1996)

DEAD SURF KISS is a twisted embryo of melody and metal (1991)

ALPHA YAYA DIALLO likes to hear millions of guitar players (2023)

Vancouver metal band EMPYRIA gets raves in Europe and Japan (2000)

FABULON’S Marty Higgs says things are looking better for Vancouver’s alternative music scene (1985)

Legendary producer BRUCE FAIRBAIRN tells all (1998)

THE FALCONS give diehard instro-rock fans a reason to rejoice (2012)

54-40 thrives on new blood (2005)

54-40 walks the walk with first indie release since the ’80s (2003)

Neil Osborne calls 54-40’s Casual Viewin’ “the band’s feel-good groove record” (2000)

LES FINNIGAN figures all fingerstyle guitarists should learn Yes’s “Mood For a Day” (1999)

Vancouver blues-rock party band THE FINS just want chicks, coke, Cadillacs–and money (1984)

JIM FOSTER gets his “Steely Dan opportunity” at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver (1986)

MIKE FRASER helps AC/DC get back on top, sets his sights on Sabbath (2014)

MIKE FRASER: Langley’s master of the hard-rock mix (1998)

NICK GILDER on his new LP and his “ironic” replacement in Sweeney Todd, Bryan Adams (1985)

MATTHEW GOOD’s feeling much better (2009)

Dark Times inspired MATTHEW GOOD’s Hospital Music (2007)

MATTHEW GOOD sees the light (2004)

MATTHEW GOOD and the great Radiohead controversy of 2000 (2000)

Feedback and cheerleaders “turn shit into solid gold” for the MATTHEW GOOD BAND (1999)

“Hi, this is MATTHEW GOOD, and you’re listening to…what are those call letters again?” (1997)

MATTHEW GOOD, 25, walks home in the cold after opening for The Who (1996)

Vancouver blues-rocker JAMES GRANT is doing what he loves to do (1998)

RICH HOPE whips up soulful sounds for good times (2009)

Bob Rock brings his golden ears and guitars to PAUL HYDE’s Living Off the Radar (2000)

COLIN JAMES works with the best (2005)

COLIN JAMES took some funky pills for his new Bad Habits (1995)

Gordie Johnson finds where the rock is on JOHN FORD’s Bullets for Dreamers (2003)

TODD KERNS feels like the Age of Electric are on a mission from god (2016)

A solo TODD KERNS is open to beautiful disasters (2004)

TODD KERNS speaks on playing bass with Slash & living the rock ‘n’ roll fantasy (2011)

KICK AXE avoids Quiet Riot syndrome, welcomes their friends to the club (1985)

KICK AXE feels that if you can make metal work in Vancouver, you can make it work anywhere (1983)

KRADLE strives to put Vancouver on the melodic-metal map (1984)

JOEL KROEKER fulfills his wish list (2003)

LADYHAWK flies the rock flag (2008)

LIKE A MARTYR’s love of rock started early (2010)

LIMBLIFTER’S Ryan Dahle developed his skill set out of survival (2015)

LIMBLIFTER gets user-friendly (2004)

LIMBLIFTER’s Ryan Dahle gets his T. Rex on for Bellaclava (2000)

LIONS IN THE STREET rekindle classic-rock flame (2010)

Cosmic encounters inspire LOCOWEED’s Scott Towaij to get a message out (1995)

NIGEL MACK started off covering Molly Hatchet, the Outlaws, and Skynyrd (1997)

A man named Stick leads Red Deer transplants MAD DUCK on the hard-rock trail (1991)

MANVILS hammer it home (2006)

DAVE MARTONE shreds with the best of them (2005)

MATREX goes over big in Chilliwack with a little help from Deep Purple (1985)

Vancouver’s RAYMOND MAY shoots for the big time with Bruce Allen-backed debut LP (1988)

MODELOS keep their cowboy-surf succinct (2006)

RUSSELL MARSLAND travels to the heart of the blues (2004)

Vancouver’s MT VESSELS drift into the spotlight with new single and video (1985)

Guitar freak ROLAND NIPP shows his stuff on The Blue Room (2000)

Russian hockey stars and broken legs inspire Vancouver’s NOISE THERAPY (1995)

CRAIG NORTHEY stays in the game (2005)

CRAIG NORTHEY sung, plunked, plinked, and originally thinked Giddy Up (2003)

New ODDS mix lightness and darkness (2008)

Foghat cymbal crashes require no caffeine buzz on ODDS’ new Nest (1997)

Vancouver vocalist LORI PAUL sets her sights on soulfulness (1985)

Bob Rock on THE PAYOLA$ reunion and the influence of Mick Ronson (2003)

THE PAYOLA$’ Paul Hyde talks Alex Harvey and Hunter/Ronson (1984)

PLUTO met through a Straight ad but isn’t quite cover material yet (1996)

PRIDE TIGER wears its Thin Lizzy influence proudly (2007)

Guitar ace LANCE REEGAN-DIEHL gives thanks to Vancouver’s great musicians (1993)

REMOVAL doesn’t need no stinkin’ vocalilsts, and no song titles either (1999)

RESSURECTION MARY strives to blow minds like Mother Love Bone (1996)

REZ rocks with spontaneity (2006)

Star producer BOB ROCK just wants to play guitar in a band (1991)

SACRED BLADE is not your typical thrash act (1991)

Lindsay Mitchell recalls the Summer of Love with the cocky SEEDS OF TIME (1992)

SHE STOLE MY BEER goes direct to tape with Sparks Off the Guardrail (1992)

SIMON KAOS is rocking like there’s no tomorrow–and there nearly wasn’t (1984)

SKYWALK guitarist Harris Van Berkel makes like Larry Carlton for The Bohemians (1986)

Don’t call Vancouver’s SKYWALK jazz or fusion, it’s just “a music band” (1983)

Old-school SORA is all about the classic rock (2005)

Steve Dawson and Jesse Zubot put the soul in THE SPIRIT MERCHANTS (1994)

STATIC IN STEREO sets the controls for the heart of the seventies (2001)

CHRISSY STEELE hits the perfect volume level for Brian “Too Loud” MacLeod (1991)

SUN WIZARD takes an old-school approach to rock ‘n’ roll (2011)

SWAN’s debut album hits all the right notes (2010)

Vancouver guitar ace TODD TAYLOR shows off his New Vehicle (2003)

Unplugged sounds are TOM TAYLOR’s first love (2008)

The old school rules for 3 INCHES OF BLOOD (2009)

DEVIN TOWNSEND, 19, scores opening gig for an acoustic Michael Schenker with his first band, Gray Skies (1992)

DEVIN TOWNSEND’s early days: Gray Skies, Steve Vai, Commodore Highs (1992, ’93)

Vancouver’s rough ‘n’ tumble TWISTERS take the Long Hard Road (2002)

AL WALKER’s ’72 Strat has been carved up by the best (1991)

DANIEL WESLEY amps up the rock (2011)

Jim McGillveray says that the WILDWOOD ORCHESTRA is like Guy Lombardo on speed (1983)

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