Uli Jon Roth recalls the friction between Satriani and Schenker on the 1998 G3 European tour


By Steve Newton

The day before yesterday I had a nice 20-minute chat with German guitar maestro Uli Jon Roth, who plays Vancouver next Saturday (March 19).

As we were talking about Uli Jon Roth’s Ultimate Guitar Experience–the tour he’s currently on with Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons–I mentioned a previous guitar tour he was on, the G3 European Tour of 1998. That one had him in the company of Bay Area guitar wizard Joe Satriani and Michael Schenker, the younger brother of Roth’s old bandmate in the Scorpions, Rudolf.

When I interviewed Satriani two years after that tour he told me that the enlistment of Schenker had come at the suggestion of its European promoters, and that against his better judgment he went ahead with it.

“It was a disaster,” Satch complained in 2000. “There was a time when he was really quite an impressive player, but unfortunately, at least while he was with us, those days seemed to be behind him.”

So what was Roth’s take on things? Turns out he’s wasn’t nearly as disappointed in Schenker’s performance on the G3 Tour as Satriani was.


“Yeah, they didn’t get on very well,” he recalls. “Joe and I were perfect with each other, we respected each other and we kind of made music together. Michael was great on stage, he played great, but somehow I think those two didn’t exactly become friends during that tour. [laughs].”

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One response to “Uli Jon Roth recalls the friction between Satriani and Schenker on the 1998 G3 European tour

  1. maybe that’s why Satriani didn’t pushed to make the G3 tour in Canada and USA , the only G3 edition who didn’t made these countries unfortunely….

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