Bruce Dickinson explains Clive Burr’s exit before Iron Maiden plays Vancouver in 1983


By Steve Newton

Iron Maiden is playing Vancouver on its Book of Souls tour tonight–in fact, Bruce Dickinson may be belting out “Two Minutes to Midnight” as I post this.

I’ve seen the British metal legends most every time they’ve been here since 1982–the year I interviewed original drummer Clive Burr, who sadly succumbed to multiple sclerosis in 2013 at the age of 56.

In ’83 I did another Maiden interview, this time with singer Bruce Dickinson, before the band played Vancouver on its Piece of Mind tour, on a bill with Saxon and Fastway (who had “Fast” Eddie Clarke from Motorhead and Pete Way from UFO, which I just inducted into Newt’s Rock Hall).

In celebration of Iron Maiden’s return to Vancouver tonight, here’s an audio excerpt from that interview I did 33 years ago, which I recently digitized from an ancient cassette.

Have a listen:



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One response to “Bruce Dickinson explains Clive Burr’s exit before Iron Maiden plays Vancouver in 1983

  1. It has been five years since the death of ex-Iron Maiden drummer, Clive Burr. I still find myself deeply upset about Clive passing. It
    was the loss of a killer of a drummer and not to mention a lovely man. I have and developed a special relationship with Clive when Maiden played Ottawa, Canada in June back in 1982.I met Clive personally and we immediately clicked. It was a brief romance, but I was very young and we didn’t go all the way. When the band left the next day, Clive and I hugged and I became tearful. I will always love and remember Clive Burr. God rest his soul….Kimberly xox

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