The Gord Downie Tapes, 1995: talkin’ hockey right after the lockout


By Steve Newton

When I interviewed Tragically Hip singer Gord Downie on January 18, 1995, it had been exactly once week since the end of the historic NHL lockout that had started the previous October. That lockout caused the 1994-1995 hockey season to be shortened from 84 games to 48, the shortest season in 53 years.

Tonight the Hip are playing their last-ever Vancouver show at Rogers Arena, the home of the Canucks, and while I’m not a big ‘Nucks fan (Go Hawks!) I figured it would be apt to make this installment of The Gord Downie Tapes about our national sport (screw lacrosse, right guys?).

Realizing Gord was a big hockey guy–he’d worn a Bruins jersey in videos and promo photos, and sang about doomed Leafs player Bill Barilko in “50 Mission Cap”–I asked him if he was happy the lockout was over. And, as always, he had some interesting things to say.

Have a listen:


Downie Tapes #1

Downie Tapes #2

Downie Tapes #3

Downie Tapes #4

Downie Tapes #5

Downie Tapes #6

Downie Tapes #7

Downie Tapes #8

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