Georgia Satellites, the Newt’s fave bar band in 1988, play bits of “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”, but he likes it


By Steve Newton

There’s nothing quite like your favourite bar band in your favourite bar to bring a tired body back to life. After a long haul to Seattle last week to check out the Monsters of Rock show at the Kingdome, I was pretty tired,  but it didn’t take much of the Georgia Satellites’ raunchy brand of bastardized blues-rock to give me a second wind on the following night (July 28).

I felt better as soon as I walked into the Commodore and heard the band doing some serious damage with a version of “It’s All Over Now”. They would continue to do so with rowdy covers of “Memphis” and “C’mon Everybody” before eventually finishing off with (what else) “Great Balls of Fire”.

Other highlights of the show (which was moved from Expo Theatre because of poor ticket sales) included lead guitarist Rick Richards’ slide-guitar freakout on “Amazing Grace” and bassist Rick Price’s see-through guitar, which looks just like the Raven on my bedroom wall. It was also very cool when the band played its first hit single, “Keep Your Hands to Yourself”, and tossed in bits of the Stones’ “It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll”.

Because that’s all it was, of course.


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