Giving the Nuge rabbit ears while eating an apple


By Steve Newton

This is one of my fave alltime backstage snapshots, courtesy longtime Georgia Straight concert photographer Kevin Statham.

I was backstage at a 1991 Damn Yankees show at Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum, with a couple of my buddies, including “Honest” Todd Salive (in the Mad Duck shirt) and Terry “Terr Bear” Cave, the former Mad Duck guitarist who currently runs the Vat Pub, the best bar in Red Deer, Alberta.

When it was photo time the Nuge just latched on to a young woman who happened to be there.

Don’t ask me why I gave him the rabbit ears while eating an apple. Just seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

When I remember how much I loved the guitar solo in “Dog Eat Dog” back in ’78, I feel a bit bad about pulling a fast one on the Nuge.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what Mad Duck was like back in the day, here’s an idea:


They played at my wedding in Powell River.

It was a good time.


Not sure why the pass says Mar 16. It was March 15. Road manager got ahead of himself I guess.

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