Rush finally chosen for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…NOT!



By Steve Newton

Those dickwads down at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have done it again.

The list of nominees for induction in 2012 was released today and–much to the chagrin of anyone with the slightest notion of what the term “Rock and Roll” stands for–Canuck prog legends Rush are conspicuously absent for another year.

Is it because they’re Canadian? Because Geddy Lee sings too high? Because Neil Peart won’t hang out with his fans?

It makes no friggin’ sense, especially when you look at some of the artists that did make it onto the list of potential inductees for next year: Laura Nyro. The Spinners. Eric B. & Rakim. Donna freakin’ Summer?

I figured when those lame-asses out in Cleveland finally found the sense to honour Alice Cooper with a place in their hallowed hall this year that maybe they were clueing in a bit. Obviously not.

The great Ian Hunter once recorded a song called “Cleveland Rocks”, but I’m beginning to wonder where he got that idea from. In recognition of that tune he was given the key to the city by Cleveland mayor Dennis Kucinich back in 1979, but do you think he’d get shown the same respect by the gatekeepers at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Nuh-uh. They’ve consistently shunned both him and his brilliant old band Mott the Hoople. Come to think of it, they’ve also given short shrift to the likes of Thin Lizzy, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, and Iron Maiden.

This injustice will not stand. It’s time somebody used Neil Peart’s bass drum as a battering ram, busted down the doors of that hokey shrine to non-rockin’, and forced the sniveling board members to listen to some decent tunes for a change.

Donna Summer my ass.

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