Judas Priest debuts new hit single “Respecting the Law” on The Simpsons


Okay, so I lied. Judas Priest did not debut its new hit single “Respecting the Law” on The Simpsons last night.

But it did rock the World’s Best Animated Show with a 17-second parody of its 1980 hit single “Breaking the Law”.

The episode was about Internet piracy, and Rob Halford and the boys set up on the deck of a flatbed truck to perform in front of the Swedish embassy, which was harbouring the Simpsons. They took refuge there after Homer got busted for showing pirated Hollywood movies in his backyard.

Let’s take a moment to feel sorry for founding Priest guitarist K.K. Downing, who left the band in 2001 after 40 years of service, so did not get immortalized in last night’s cartoon. (That’s his replacement Richie Faulkner raunching out on the Flying V. You can tell by the tattoo.)

And let’s take another moment to feel sorry for the writers at The Simpsons for mistakenly labeling Judas Priest “death metal”, since—apart from that time when they got sued for allegedly causing a suicide with one of their songs—their music is more “life metal” than anything else.

I’m guessing the writers at The Simpsons were just trying be funny. Not that they have to try very hard to crack me up.

And this older clip of Otto listening to Judas Priest’s other 1980 hit single “Living After Midnight”–and thinking that he’s checking out “new music”–is pretty funny, too.

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