Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ boxed set is a dream come true for Floyd freaks



By Steve Newton

Last November I wrote an ethusiastic blog about the release of the Quadrophenia boxed set, even going to far as to declare that the Who’s double disc of 1973 was the world’s greatest rock album. A lot of readers disagreed. Some of them would probably contend that Pink Floyd’s 1979 prog-rock masterpiece, The Wall, is more deserving of that title.

Those are the type of folks who will be totally psyched about tomorrow’s release of the Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’ Immersion boxed set. As well as newly remastered versions of the original album and the live album Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live 1980-81, the set includes two full discs of Roger Waters’ original demos and band demos and a DVD that features live footage of the band from 1980, the documentary “Behind the Wall”, and an interview with English cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, who created much of the artwork that was used for the Wall album, movie, and tours.

And if you like Pink Floyd paraphernalia, the Immersion boxed set also comes with two booklets packed with photos and Scarfe illustrations, a Scarfe art print, collectors’ cards, coasters, a scarf, three marbles, and a little black velvet bag to keep them in (with some space left over for you know what.)

Oh yeah. There’s also a replica Pink Floyd: The Wall “backstage pass” from a 1980 Nassau Coliseum concert that you could always use at the upcoming Roger Waters: The Wall show at B.C. Place to try and get back and say howdy to the man. We wouldn’t recommend it, though.

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