Trailer Park Boys take a crazed road trip to Chuckleville in Don’t Legalize It

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The first feature film to be spawned by Showcase TV’s low-budget Trailer Park Boys series, 2006’s Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, was freakin’ hilarious. The followup, 2009’s Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day, was possibly the funniest Canadian movie ever made. And now the white-trash shenanigans of petty Nova Scotia criminals Ricky (Robb Wells), Julian (Jean Paul Tremblay), and Bubbles (Mike Smith) have been captured for the third time with Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It.

Nice hat trick, boys!

The movie opens with a cavalcade of TPB characters driving into a dump for the funeral of Ricky’s fraudster dad Ray (Barrie Dunn). As expected, ex-Sunnyvale Trailer Park supervisor Mr. Lahey (ace actor John Dunsworth) shows up with his beer gut–laden sidekick/lover Randy (Patrick Roach) and proceeds to make a drunken mockery of the occasion.

In the first film the titular trio of lovable lunkheads tried to get ahead by stealing change, before moving on to Countdown’s more ambitious bank heist. This time around Ricky is doing very well with a grow-op until he learns that the Canadian government plans to legalize weed. He decides to head to Ottawa to protest against that idea before it puts the kibosh on his profits.

Meanwhile, Julian is stealing human piss from an army base, hoping to make a fortune selling it to Montreal gangsters who resell it to those needing clean urine samples. And the down-on-his-luck Bubbles’s ship appears to come in with news that his long-lost parents have died and left him a home and property in Kingston.

Around this time, Don’t Legalize It exits the trailer park and transforms into a crazed road trip to Chuckleville as Ricky, Julian, and Bubs set out on their respective quests, the bent-outta-shape Lahey and cheeseburger-starved Randy hot on their trail. The journey makes numerous pitstops for lowbrow laughs and slapsticky violence before culminating in a hearing from hell at the Parliament buildings featuring Vancouver’s own pro-pot activist Jodie Emery.

But my favourite part was when Julian pulled out a crummy old laptop and a beaming Ricky remarked, “Ha! Look at Mister Fancy!”


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