Pete Yorn recalls scoring Me, Myself & Irene for the Farrelly Brothers


The Farrelly Brothers have garnered a lot of laughs from moviegoers since bursting onto the film scene with 1994’s Dumb and Dumber. I always thought that their second Jim Carrey vehicle, 2000’s Me, Myself & Irene, was one of their funnier efforts.

It also had a wicked soundtrack, composed mainly of Steely Dan tunes performed by such diverse artists as the Brian Setzer Orchestra (“Bodhisattva”), the Push Stars (“Bad Sneakers”), Ben Folds Five (“Barrytown”), and Wilco (“Any Major Dude Will Tell You”).

Pete Yorn didn’t perform a Steely Dan tune on that soundtrack, but he did score the movie, and also contributed one of its more memorable numbers, the super-catchy “Strange Condition”.

When I talked to him the other day–in advance of his upcoming show in Vancouver on May 29–he recalled his contribution to the film.

“At the time it was mindblowing to be involved in that project,” said Yorn from his Santa Monica home. “I hadn’t put out my first record yet, but they came to me and wanted me to a part of that, so it was really exciting. You know, I’m a huge Jim Carrey fan–Jim’s the greatest. And the Farrelly Brothers too.

“[The soundtrack] had that weird twist with all these Steely Dan covers, but then there’s some original songs that aren’t Steely Dan songs too, like ‘Strange Condition’ and a coupla others. So it was kind of a mishmash there.”

Yorn hasn’t scored any movies since Me, Myself & Irene, but he sounds okay with that.

“That was just like a thing for the Farrelly Brothers, who I love so much,” he explained.

For more from Yorn–including his thoughts on touring solo and his duo project with J.D. King, the Olms–check back here this Wednesday.


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