Metallica’s young guns of sonic mayhem slay Vancouver on the …And Justice for All Tour


By Steve Newton

The Pacific Coliseum may as well have been a Roman coliseum last Wednesday (May 31), because things got about as uncivilized as they’ve ever been in the home of the Canucks.

Not since the Broad Street Bullies took their orange jerseys into the crowd to bust heads during Dave “The Hammer” Schultz’s heyday has the ol’ hockey rink seen such primitive displays of abandoned fury and bloodlust. But not to worry–there were no actual casualties, apart from maybe the odd aching ear.

It was just another show by Metallica, San Francisco’s kings of musical blood ‘n’ guts.

On a coliseum-style stage, complete with broken pillars and statues of lions, the four young guns of sonic mayhem blasted forth their messages of injustice and doom to a seething crowd of 12,500 worshippers giving fists up to the band’s unsubtle points of view.

During the nearly two-hour set of state-of-the-art ’80s thrash, Metallica focused on songs from its latest album, …And Justice for All, but occasionally went back in time to cull tracks from its cutesy-titled debut Kill ‘Em All.

“Die! Die! Die!” bellowed Hetfield at the start of the band’s encore, and the crowd quickly took up the chant, much like certain “sporting” types did in the days of Caesar.

There’s probably a few echoes of the chant still bouncing around the Coliseum’s rafters, and maybe they’ll stay up there long enough to sound again when Julio Iglesias hits town.

Or, even better, the Calgary Flames.

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