Rush to issue box set with previously unreleased live footage (of John Rutsey!)


By Steve Newton

If you’re the type of diehard Rush freak who thinks who’ve seen everything the band’s ever put to video, get ready for this.

The Canuck prog-rock legends announced today that, on November 11, they’ll be releasing R40, a 10-DVD/6-Blu-ray collector’s boxed set which also includes all eight songs from a show in 1974 at Laura Secord Secondary School, featuring original drummer John Rutsey.

Bet you weren’t there for that gig!

The bonus discus also features five songs from the Capitol Theatre in 1976 such as “Anthem” and “Lakeside Park”, the rarely performed, seven-part version of “2112” filmed in 1997, “Lock and Key” from the Hold Your Fire tour, and footage from that historic night when the boneheads down at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally inducted GeddyAlex, and Neil (and–in spirit at least–Rutsey too. Never forget Rutsey!).

The package also includes such previously released Rush concert films as Rush In RioR30Snakes & Arrows Live, Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland, and Clockwork Angels Tour.

But you’ve probably already got all those, right?

Here’s some promotional bumph from the Rush website:


The 10 DVD (or 6 Blu-ray) discs are contained in a stunning 52 page hardback book measuring 305mm x 225mm with the 10 discs contained in 5 additional rigid insert pages each holding two discs. The 52 pages of the book are filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented.


Yeah, yeah–we know it’s beautiful. Now bring on the Rutsey!


R40 Bonus Disc Contents:

Laura Secord Secondary School 1974

1. “Need Some Love”
2. “Before and After”
3. “Best I Can”
4. “I’ve Been Runnin'”
5. “Bad Boy”
6. “The Loser”
7. “Working Man”
8. “In the Mood” (partial)

Capitol Theatre 1976

1. “Bastille Day”
2. “Anthem”
3. “Lakeside Park”
4. “2112”
5. “Fly By Night”/”In the Mood”


“Lock and Key”

Molson Amphitheatre 1997

1. “Limelight”
2. “Half the World”
3. “Limbo”
4. “Virtuality”
5. “Nobody’s Hero”
6. “Test for Echo”
7. “Leave That Thing Alone”/Drum Solo
8. “2112” (all seven parts)


“I Still Love You Man”

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction, 2013

1. “2112,” featuring Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz
2. “Tom Sawyer”
3. “The Spirit of Radio”

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