Steve Hackett doesn’t think the job of Genesis guitarist is available to him

Genesis 1975

By Steve Newton

Genesis freaks will be getting their fill of the band’s “golden age” tonight at the Vogue Theatre’s Genesis Extended show. That’s when former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett leads his touring band in material from the prog-rock group’s ’70s heyday, when it featured him, singer Peter Gabriel, drummer Phil Collins, keyboardist Tony Banks, and bassist Mike Rutherford.

When I interviewed Hackett recently, in advance of the Vancouver gig, I asked him if there was any possibility of that magical lineup ever reforming for an album or tour. He told me that he had been spending time with his old bandmates, but that their projects had been “strictly archival” in nature. “I think a reunion with the music is easier than a reunion of the original perpetrators,” he told me.

So was he up for the reunion himself?

“Well I’ve said that, yeah. I think they’re very well aware of that. But it’s not just up to me. There’s been resistance amongst the ranks, and I think you know power-play comes into it. It’s not straight-ahead. I really wish it was, believe me. As a non-competitive bunch of individuals, I think it’s the strongest band in the world. But as competitors, you know, silence is the outcome.

“So perhaps too much store is made with the idea of a reunion, you know. I think that for me to stand onstage and play lead-guitar with Genesis, I don’t think that’s a job that is available to me–whether I wanted it or not. I get the feeling from the way some people talk in the band, if there was a reunion it would probably be Daryl Stuermer [on guitar]. And I think there would hardly be any point in just coming on at the end for a couple of notes. I think that isn’t what people really want to see from me.”

“So what we have to content ourselves with is the fact that I try and keep the museum doors open for as long as I can. I’ve done this [Genesis: Revisited/Genesis Extended] for two or three years now, to the exclusion of all my solo work, but I have a new album in the wings ready to come out as a new exhibit–which has nothing to do with the Genesis museum. And I’m looking forward to playing that live, and promoting it.

“There is an afterlife after Genesis.”


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