Major concert news: Newt’s buddy’s band will play the Chilliwack Senior High class of ’75 reunion


By Steve Newton

It probably won’t garner as much attention as the announcement of the upcoming AC/DC world tour, but I just found out that my old buddy’s cover band is playing the 40-year reunion for the Chilliwack Senior High School class of 1975.

So I guess I’ll go.

Here’s the unofficial setlist.

The band was put together recently by a couple of guys who work in produce at Save-On Foods in Chilliwack, and they named it Cold Chain–something to do with refrigeration at the store.


It also features another grocery guy on drums who I went to elementary school with. And the keyboardist is a pretty smokin’ jazz player.

Names are being withheld to protect the innocent–or maybe just me.

But I will say that the guitarist, known only by the name of “Seeks”, sold me my first nice guitar, a black Strat with a maple neck. He had a black Strat with a maple neck ’cause that was what Huey Thomasson had in the Outlaws.


The cool thing about the reunion gig is that it might include a couple of tunes from ‘75, which everyone knows was a killer year for rock. I’m putting a request in right now for Ian Hunter’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”.

And they better not make it sound like Great White’s lame-ass 1987 version.

Eighties sucked. Seventies ruled.

See for yourself:


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