Rolling Stones super-deluxe box set falls short without Keith Richards mini cut-out


By Steve Newton

The Rolling Stones snubbed Vancouver when it came time to book their current Zip Code Tour, which could very well be the group’s last major trek outside the nursing home.

But hardcore fans who’ve been bawling about that omission for months now can take some comfort in the fact that the money they would have blown on tickets to see Keef potentially break a hip can be put to good use on the Sticky Fingers Super Deluxe Edition CD Box Set, which was released yesterday by Universal Music Canada.

For a mere 150 smackers (U.S.) you get to have yet another CD copy of the original 1971 album—with all those fine tracks like “Brown Sugar”, “Bitch”, and “Dead Flowers”—plus a whole bunch of other cool Stones shit.

You get a bonus CD that includes live, alternate, extended, and acoustic versions of the Sticky Fingers songs, including a version of “Brown Sugar” with Eric Clapton on guitar.

And then you get a third CD, Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out, a live concert recorded in ’71 at University of Leeds, the fabled institution of higher learning where the Who deafened students the year before.

There’s also a DVD with “Midnight Rambler” and “Bitch” on it, a 7″ vinyl record with “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses” on it, a poster, a postcard set, a print, and a 120-page hardcover book that comes with an extensive essay by some wanker named Nick Kent, previously unpublished photos, and a real metal zipper!

The final piece of the boxed set is a mini band-member cut-out, and that’s where my only real complaint about the package lies. The mini band-member cut-out that randomly came with my copy is of Bill Wyman, and I didn’t want a Bill Wyman mini cut-out. Even with his shirt off.


I wanted a freakin’ Keith Richards mini cut-out!


‘Cause me and Keef go wayyyyyy back.

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  1. That’s a good one Newt cool photo didn’t know you’ met him What year was that you’re looking pretty young

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