Dear Iron Maiden: please play Vancouver on the Book of Souls World Tour –your old buddy, Newt


By Steve Newton

The world’s old-school headbangers got some great news the other day when British metal legends Iron Maiden announced that it would embark on a global tour in 2016 that is set to visit 35 countries in six continents.

“Details of the precise schedule are currently being finalised,” said the band on its website, “…however we can reveal that The Book Of Souls World Tour will open in the U.S.A in late February with Ed Force One flying in for three shows before, in early March, heading into Central America visiting Mexico, followed by a much anticipated first ever concert in El Salvador and a return to Costa Rica. Ed Force One then proceeds into South America for concerts in Argentina, Chile and a number of shows in Brazil before flying back to the USA at the end of March for ten more cities covering the USA and, of course, Canada in the first two weeks of April.”

“Of course, Canada,” eh?

Here’s hoping that that includes Vancouver, which has seen some exceptional Iron Maiden concerts over the years—ever since that one at the Pacific Coliseum back in July of 1982, on the Number of the Beast Tour, when the Straight put them on the cover.


Or that time in December of ’84 on the Powerslave tour, when the Straight put them on the cover again.


The last time Maiden played Vancouver—in June of 2010 at GM Place, on its Final Frontier Tour—they didn’t play quite enough ’80s classics for my liking, but it was still a killer show. I don’t know if the group has ever played a crappy concert. I certainly haven’t seen one.

On the upcoming Book of Souls tour, it will be showcasing tunes from its album of the same name, set for worldwide release next Friday (September 4). It’s the group’s 16th studio album, and its longest ever, at over 92 minutes. That’s three discs’ worth in vinyl terms.

Two weeks ago the band released a video for the track “Speed of Light”, an homage to video-gaming history that centres around Maiden’s beloved mascot, Eddie.

Pretty fvckin’ rockin’, if you ask me. I’m diggin’ the cowbell, too.

Since I know Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson has been reading everything I’ve written about the band ever since we had that nice chat back in ’83, I’m just gonna go ahead and say: “Hey Bruce, if you make sure to pencil in Vancouver next year I’ll see what I can do about getting you on the cover again, for old times’ sake.”

There. I’m pretty sure Iron Maiden will be playing here now.

You’re welcome, headbangers.

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