Backstage at AC/DC with Angus Young, Scotty Bad, and my autographed copy of Powerage



By Steve Newton

Holy fvck is Angus Young tiny!

Hey, sorry about that outburst. It’s just that whenever I spy this backstage snap from 2001 I can’t help but think that I’m literally twice the size of him–width-wise, anyway. Me and my buddy Scotty Bad–aka Mr. Big, Mr. Bigglesworth, Chucklebunch, whatever I feel like calling him–look like freakin’ WWF wrestlers compared to that legendary pipsqueak.

But what he lacks in size, Angus more than makes up for in coolness. Notice how the smirking Scotty Bad’s left hand is just about to land on Angus’s wee shoulder in a blatant attempt to have some of that coolness rub off.

Me, I’m just left clutching a Bud and my newly autographed copy of Powerage, which Malcolm Young had just told me was his favourite AC/DC album.

If I look a little worse for wear, messed up, wasted–don’t worry about it . That’s how I always look after seeing AC/DC.



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