AC/DC fans unimpressed with Axl Rose hiring suggest Angry Anderson, Marc Storace, and the guy from Airbourne


By Steve Newton

Yesterday I posted a blog claiming that AC/DC had “f***ed up” by making Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose their singer instead of Aussie rock legend (and legendary screamer) Jimmy Barnes, of Cold Chisel fame.

My blog got a lot of comments. Some folks thought I was right on, and that Barnes would make a great replacement for Brian Johnson on the rest of Acca Dacca’s Rock or Bust World Tour.

Others thought I was outta my freakin’ mind.

And most had their own ideas of who should be singing with the Aussie metal greats as they wind down their unforgettable career.

Many folks felt that Angry Anderson, the gravel-throated frontman for Rose Tattoo since 1976, was the right choice. He’s 68.

Others felt that Marc Storace,  the singer for Swiss metal act Krokus since 1980 or so, was the man. He’s only 64.

And then there were some who pointed to “the guy from Airbourne”, that being vocalist and lead-guitarist Joel O’Keefe. Since he’s just a young man of 30, it sounds like he might have been a good choice to breathe fresh life into AC/DC.

But it’s all moot, I suppose. Axl ain’t goin’ anywhere–unless he pulls off some crazy riot-causing cancellation shit. He’s the singer for AC/DC now–and maybe till the bitter end.

Remember that single from the Bruce Fairbairn-produced album, The Razors Edge, back in 1990?

It’s all about the Benjamins.




11 responses to “AC/DC fans unimpressed with Axl Rose hiring suggest Angry Anderson, Marc Storace, and the guy from Airbourne

  1. Storace would nail the Bon Scott era material. Plus, he doesn’t look a day over 50. For what that’s worth. 🙂
    Brian Johnson proved himself to be a worthy successor to Bon’s legacy while forging his own. Got to meet him on the Razor’s Edge tour and he was a gracious host and a down to earth and humble gentleman who just happened to be a major rock star. Whoever picks up his mic won’t have much chance of equalling his level of class as a person.

  2. I was a little kid when the Beatles hit the US and have been a Rocker ever since but nothing makes me go for the tuner button faster than the fingernails scratchin on a chaulkboard voice of Axle Rose….WTF was AC/DC thinkin???

  3. -Should have been Udo Dirkschneider from the band Accept instead of Axl… Just saying.

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