Kris Schulz plays beautiful tune by Columbia River, beckons Phil Lynott’s thunderous soul


By Steve Newton

Vancouver guitar ace Kris Schulz posted a clip on his Facebook page today in which he’s playing a beautiful instrumental next to an equally gorgeous river.

“Wild Mountain Thyme has always been a favorite of mine to play,” says Schulz in the post, “and yesterday’s setting alongside the banks of the Columbia river was the perfect inspiration for it.”


About 30 seconds in I thought I recognized the song, which led me to do a bit of research. Turns out the melody is a variant of a Scottish folk song from the 1800s, also known as “Purple Heather” and “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?”

And it just so happens that “Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?” is the second section of the four-part closing track on Thin Lizzy’s 1979 album Black Rose: A Rock Legend.

That got me thinking that maybe it was the godlike Phil Lynott’s restless soul that caused the thunder crack you hear about two minutes in.

I like to think that way about my heroes sometimes.


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