Allman Brothers Band vinyl box boasts a ton of collectables in a kickass wooden crate



By Steve Newton

It’s a little early to start thinking about what you really want for Christmas, but I’m doin’ it anyway.

I’ll take the 15-LP vinyl box set of Allman Brothers albums that comes in a Georgia-style solid-wood peach crate with a whole whack of collectable extras!

The southern-rock legends announced the limited-edition package on their Facebook page for all their fans to drool over or–if they happen to have 400 smackers U.S. lying around–actually buy.

The set includes six studios albums and three live albums released between 1969 and ’79, including their self-titled debut expanded to 2 LPs; Idlewild South (1 LP); At Fillmore East (2 LP); Eat A Peach (2 LP); Brothers and Sisters (1 LP); Win, Lose or Draw (1 LP); Wipe The Windows, Check The Oil, Dollar Gas(2 LP), Enlightened Rogues (1 LP), and the vinyl debut of Live at Ludlow Garage: 1970 (3 LP).

I’m pretty sure I still have my original vinyl copies of Eat a Peach and Brothers and Sisters, but new, un-worn out versions would be nice.

According to the promotional bumph, the box set “boasts a bevy of exclusive collectable extras, including a half-stack amplifier-shaped 8gb USB stick with all nine remastered albums as downloadable 44.1kHz 16-bit uncompressed AIFF audio files; four double-sided posters of key art or photos from the albums; nine magnets featuring each album’s cover art; nine guitar picks and buttons with key art or photos from each album; a custom deck of Allman Brothers Band playing cards; a trucker/snapback-style hat; a turntable mat, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. The peach crate, weighing in at approximately 26 pounds fully loaded, measures 15.25” x 13.625” x 13.625,” providing ample room for more vinyl LP storage.”

I can just picture myself on the back deck, sipping a Pil with the trucker hat on, using the playing cards to whip the kids’ asses in Go Fish while revelling in Skydog‘s slide-guitar mastery.

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