That time Gord Downie told me about recording Fully Completely with producer Chris Tsangarides


By Steve Newton

I did my second interview with Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie in November of ’92, shortly after the release of the unforgettable Fully Completely album.

It was the only Hip album to be produced by Chris Tsangarides, the same guy who helmed Thin Lizzy’s final albums, Renegade and Thunder and Lightning.

In this excerpt from the interview I mention Tsangarides and how Thin Lizzy is one of my fave bands from the seventies, then hesitate a sec, hoping Downie might reply with “Me too! I played Jailbreak nonstop back in the day!” Then we could have spent the next 10 minutes excitedly trading Thin Lizzy stories, like that time Scott Gorham took me backstage in Vancouver in ’78.

No such luck. Downie didn’t take the bait. Maybe he’s not a big Phil Lynott fan after all.

Anyway, here’s what he had to say about how recording Fully Completely with Tsangarides was different from working on the previous two Hip discs with producer Don Smith.

Have a listen:

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