The Gord Downie Tapes, 1995: “Even ‘The Inevitability of Death’ I think is kind of a funny song, more than anything”


By Steve Newton

Okay Tragically Hip fans–or in other words, all of Canada.

I’ve been posting audio excerpts from my interviews with Gord Downie from 1989 and 1992, and now here’s the first one from 1995.

Actually, I did two interviews with Downie in ’95–one in January and another in July–because the band were touring maniacs that year, playing Vancouver’s Pacific Coliseum in the winter before returning for a summer show at UBC’s Thunderbird Arena on an Another Roadside Attraction tour.

The January chat took place less than four months after the release of the group’s fourth full-length album, Day for Night. With song titles like “Scared”, “Thugs”, “Nautical Disaster”, and “Inevitability of Death”–and some pretty sombre cover art–I wondered if it was the Hip’s darkest album yet, but Downie wasn’t so sure.

Have a listen:


Downie Tapes #1

Downie Tapes #2

Downie Tapes #3

Downie Tapes #4

Downie Tapes #5

Downie Tapes #6

Downie Tapes #7

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