That time Malcolm Young told me that his biggest influences were “the old rockers” and early Clapton


By Steve Newton

I love listening to these old soundbites of me hangin’ out with AC/DC‘s Angus Young and Brian Johnson at a Vancouver hotel room, sippin’ tea and chattin’ it up.

The vast majority of interviews I’ve done since getting into the music-writing game back in ’82 with Vancouver’s Georgia Straight newspaper have been done over the phone, ’cause you mostly want to get fresh interviews with touring bands before they hit town, by hooking up while they’re on the road.

So it’s cool to relive actually sitting in a room with a couple of legendary rockers and shooting the shit.

This particular excerpt from my 1983 interview with the Aussie earbusters begins with me playing the devil’s advocate somewhat, and asking diehard boogieman Malcolm what he thinks of the synth-pop scene, which was hugely popular at the time. (“The first time it was done it was good,” interjects Johnson.) Then I asked Mal about the band’s musical influences starting out, before leading to some questions about the Flick of the Switch stage show.

Have a listen:

(ya gotta crank the volume a bit. It’s AC/DC, after all)



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