That time Malcolm Young told me what inspired AC/DC’s “Bedlam in Belgium” and how “music tames the beast”


By Steve Newton

When I interviewed Malcolm Young and Brian Johnson at their Vancouver hotel room in 1983 it was less than two months since the release of AC/DC’s eighth internationally released studio album, Flick of the Switch.

One of the more intriguing tracks on the LP, the third one to feature Johnson on vocals, was “Bedlam in Belgium”, which seemed to describe a concert gone terribly wrong, with cops on stage brandishing guns.

So I asked Mal what the tune was all about.

Have a listen:

(ya gotta crank the volume a bit; it’s AC/DC after all)


To hear my full 23-minute interview with Mal and Bri, become a patron of the Newt on Patreon.

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