That time I asked bass goddess Tal Wilkenfeld how she got so goddamn good


By Steve Newton

Sometimes when I listen to a musician perform I wonder to myself, “How did they get so goddamn good?”

And sometimes–if I meet said musician in my capacity as a music writer–I’ll just flat out ask them how they got so goddamn good.

I did it with guitarist Guthrie Govan last year, and a couple of days ago I did it with bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, who you may recognize from all those YouTube videos with Jeff Beck where her playing just blows you right the fvck away.

On Wednesday Tal called me up from the road while on the tour that brings her to Vancouver’s Biltmore Cabaret next Thursday (October 13), and we had a nice little chat.

At one point I asked her if she had to lock herself in a room for eight hours a day to get so goddamned good, but that was definitely not the case.

Have a listen:


For more from Tal Wilkenfeld–and just so you know, it’s pronounced “Tall”–stay tuned.


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