Newt’s Top 10 albums of 1986



By Steve Newton

Steve Earle Guitar Town Catchy country-rock with a down home feel that sounds fresh even after repeated listenings.

Eurythmics Revenge Irresistible little rock gems that make you hum whether you want to or not.

Brian Setzer The Knife Feels Like Justice Stray Cat goes solo with a killer band and whips up a healthy batch of unstoppable guitar-driven rock and roll.

Tina Turner Break Every Rule With her great voice, songs by David Bowie, Bryan Adams, and Rupert, Hine, and guest appearances by the likes of Phil Collins, Steve Winwood, and Mark Knopfler, Tina Turner could hardly lose.

Peter Gabriel So Former Genesis frontman reaches splendid new heights with a mixture of funky and introspective tunes full of emotion and life.

Judas Priest Turbo British power band bridges the gap between heavy metal and hard rock with finesse.

Dream Syndicate Out of the Grey Rootsy, unabashed guitar rock with a capital G, played fast and loose and from the heart.

Kim Mitchell Shakin’ Like a Human Being Ace guitarist serves up gritty, tongue-in-cheek rockers and lovely, soothing ballads.

Lou Reed Veteran rocker cuts the crap and gets to the heart of things with street-smart stories set to a funky beat.

Billy Idol Whiplash Smile Churning guitar and snarling vocals put to a programmed dance beat make for some highly infectious tunes.

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