Singers from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Free connect for a rock-god vocal summit in Oxford

By Steve Newton

What do you get when you gather the lead singers from Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Free on stage at the same time?

A pretty rockin’ version of the ’50s chestnut “Money (That’s What I Want)”, it appears.

Robert Plant, Brian Johnson, and Paul Rodgers got together at one of Rodgers’ shows in Oxford, England, last Sunday for a rendition of the old song, first recorded by Barrett Strong back in 1959. (If you’re thinkin’ “Hey, I recognize that song title,” maybe it’s because the Beatles also recorded it on their second album.)

After Rodgers started things off with a verse in his typically bluesy and soulful style, Johnson–who hasn’t performed since being sidelined for the hearing problems that got him booted from AC/DC last year–seemed inspired, howling magnificently when it was his turn. Plant played a tasty little harp solo before taking a few lines himself.

All three rock legends were in fine form, if you ask me.

Plant and Rodgers go way back, from the days when Zeppelin and Rodgers’ post-Free band Bad Company shared the same record label, Swan Song. Johnson and Rodgers both hail from the North Country of England, and they’d met a couple of times over the years.

Rodgers became a Canadian citizen in 2011, and for over 15 years has resided in the White Rock area, just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia.

No word yet on whether he’s been raising a little hell with fellow White Rocker Ra McGuire from Trooper, or whether they’ve been spotted cruising Crescent Beach in any bright white sports cars.

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