That time I asked Link Wray if he’d sign the Ear of Newt guitar

By Steve Newton

It’s a sunny Saturday afternoon and I’m not quite up to mowing the lawn yet, so I figure I’ll just post another audio excerpt from my one-and-only conversation with American guitar legend Link Wray.

It’s from just over 20 years ago–June 21, 1997, to be precise–when Link was in Dallas, on a tour that would bring him up to Vancouver for a gig at a small downtown club.

The audio clip starts off with me asking Link which guitar he’s playing now, and he ends up talking about the two he’d just bought the day before in Houston.

Near the end of the excerpt I ask him if, when he gets to town, he’ll sign the Ear of Newt autographed guitar, attempting to persuade him by mentioning that Dick Dale signed it.

I guess it worked, ’cause he signed it in silver felt-pen right smack dab on one of the pickups.

Seemed like the ideal place to me.

Have a listen:



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