Album review: Bruce Dickinson, Tattooed Millionaire (1990)


By Steve Newton

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson cut his teeth on ’70s bands like Bad Company and Mott the Hoople, and on his first solo album, the steel-throated vocalist gets a chance to loosen the thrashier chains of Maiden and indulge in some of the melodic, blues-based rock that he so loves.

While there is the odd dud on Tattooed Millionaire, excitable cuts like “Zulu Lulu”, “No Lies”, and “Born in ’58” even things up. The album’s real highlight is the cutting title track, which takes a not-so-subtle stab at the excesses of the L.A. rock ’n’ roll lifestyle, particularly that led by Vince Neil and his Motley gang: “He’s got a wife—who ain’t no brain child/Ex-mud queen of Miami/In his stretch Cadillac he keeps her in the back,  with his CD player and his bottle of Jack/L.A. dude, L.A. attitude/Laid back, selfish, and getting fat/Bodyguards, porn stars, gold credit cards/Using each other—running for cover.”

Don’t expect Neil to be inviting Dickinson over for tea anytime soon. At least not when the wife’s around.

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  1. Congratulations for understanding that this song was about Vince Neil! Everyone and their dog appear to think it is about Nikki Sixx just because Sixx claims it is.

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