Album review: Goddo, 12 Gauge Goddo (1990)


By Steve Newton

I still remember driving into town from Chilliwack to see Goddo at the Body Shop way back in ’78 or some godforsaken year. What made the show so memorable for me wasn’t just the great power-rock this Canadian trio delivered, but the fact that bassist Greg Godovitz bonked me on the head with his bass when he pulled it off to leap into the crowd and have it out with someone giving him the finger.

That sort of thing stays with you when you’re an impressionable teen.

Now that crazy Godovitz guy has compiled 13 old Goddo tunes—and a couple of new ones—that are a must for anyone else who was ever bonked on the head with a guitar. Rockin’ cuts like “Sweet Thing”, “Too Much Carousing”, and the Carole Pope homage “Oh Carole (Kiss My Whip)” still sound fine after all this time, and are testimony to a band that should have been bigger. (Here’s hoping fellow ’70s Canuck underdogs Moxy will follow suit with a greatest hits CD!)

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