Album review: The Eagles, Hell Freezes Over (1994)


By Steve Newton

If the Eagles charged for CDs the same way they do for concert tickets, this little single-disc item would go for $30 or so, which would be an amazing rip-off, considering it includes only four new tunes. The brunt of the album is taken up by recently recorded, live-on-MTV versions of old Eagles hits and singles from various band members’ solo careers.

Those selections are impeccably produced and performed, but you’ve gotta wonder how many Eagles fans who already laid down upwards of a hundred bucks to see and hear those same cuts on the group’s current tour are gonna want to shell out more cash for the take-home version. (And isn’t there already an Eagles Live CD in the stores?)

Of the four new songs, one is a typical 12-bar boogier (“Get Over It”), one a typical sad-eyed country tune (“The Girl from Yesterday”), and one a typically staid Don Henley sleep inducer (“Learn to Be Still”). The best tune among the new ones is the dreamy Pete Vale/Jim Capaldi/Paul Carrack composition, “Love Will Keep Us Alive”, sweetly sung by Timothy B. Schmit.

It’s no “I Can’t Tell You Why”, but it’s a damn pretty tune all the same.

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