Album review: Johnny Winter, Serious Business (1985)


By Steve Newton

Thank heaven for another Johnny Winter album. Those of who can’t get enough of the albino bluesman’s white-hot riffs and done-your-daddy-dirty vocals can rejoice over Serious Business, a fitting followup to last year’s excellent Guitar Slinger.

Unlike the latter LP, Johnny has written two of his own tunes for Serious Business: “Good Time Woman” and “Serious as a Heart Attack”. But it’s still the cover versions of tunes like “Route 66″, Master Mechanic”, and “Sound the Bell” that make it a real winner.

I went out and got married/Thought I’d live a happy life/But before I could settle down/Another man had stole my wife/Well sound the bell, yes I feel so sad/Nobody knows the troubles I had

Johnny’s got the blues alright, and helping him with them pianist Ken Saydak and a couple of Albert Collins’ Icebreakers, bassist Johnny B. Gayden and drummer Casey Jones. Winter’s longtime bandmate Jon Paris supplies harmonica on four tunes as well.

There are over 40 minutes of riff-riddled, party-time blues-rock on this disc, and you know that can’t be bad.

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