Back to the ‘Wack: Newt signs Gord Downie book in Chilliwack

By Steve Newton

In case you haven’t heard, my first book came out last month. It’s called Gord Downie, and it’s about a poetic Canadian guy who rocked his ass off for decades and won over his home country before bravely succumbing to brain cancer and winning over his home country even more.

When the book came out, on February 6, I did a book-signing at Indigo Books in Vancouver, but I didn’t exactly blow the doors off the place. A few close friends, colleagues, and blasts-from-the-past showed up to help me celebrate, and that was nice, but I ain’t done celebratin’ yet.

At least one person from my old hometown of Chilliwack–where I got my start in journalism as a cub reporter for The Chilliwack Progress–has asked about getting a book signed, and since I’m not the type of guy who likes to disappoint my old buddy Max from local cover band Cold Chain, I’m making it happen.

Today I contacted the Coles Books outlet at Cottonwood Mall and set up a book-signing for this Sunday (March 25) from 3 to 4 pm. So if you’re a Gord Downie fan in Chilliwack with a coffeetable in dire need of a cool rockin’ tome, come on out. But since I’m not Stephen King, there’s only gonna be like 40 books available, so you might want to call ahead  to 604-858-9595 and reserve a copy.

See ya there!


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