Album review: Andy Taylor, Thunder (1987)


By Steve Newton

Former Duran Duran and Power Station guitarist Andy Taylor shows himself to be a significant solo artist on Thunder–although he had a lot of help from Steve Jones, whose Les Paul used to propel the Sex Pistols. Jones plays guitar on the album, co-wrote all but one song, and co-produced it with Taylor. Between the two of them they create quite a nice racket.

The first side is the heavier of the two, sporting fast rockers like “I Might Lie” and the title track, and Taylor creates the same whammy-bar frenzy that put the bite in Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot” and their souped-up version of T-Rex’s “Bang a Gong”. He also plays it pretty on the instrumental “French Guitar”. Other standout tracks include “Don’t Let  Me Die Young” and “Broken Window”.

Bryan Adams’ drummer Mickey Curry–whose name seems to appear on every second rock album released these days–bangs the skins on Thunder. He’s joined by ace percussionist Paulinho da Costa, and the Turtles–Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan–on background vocals.



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