V. Spy V. Spy sweat it out in true Aussie fashion at Vancouver’s Town Pump


By Steve Newton

It was really pouring last Saturday night (November 5), but inside the Town Pump it was perspiration that was coming down. The heat was just a-flyin’ off the bodies of guitarist Mike Weiley and bassist Craig Bloxom, the frontline attack force of Aussie power trio V. Spy V. Spy (“just call us Spies”). And you could see it soaking through the baseball cap of thundering drummer Cliff Grigg after just one song.

With a speedy, no-nonsense barrage of to-the-max rock ‘n’ roll that would make Midnight Oil proud, the Spies won over a packed house and made it known that they’re one Aussie band to keep an eye on. The majority of the group’s material was culled from its latest album, Xenophobia (Why?), and there wasn’t a ballad in the bunch–just fierce rockers like “Test of Time”, “Mingle ‘N’ Mix”, and “Clarity of Mind”.

As is the case with most Australian bands, it was obvious that these guys had honed their skills with countless pub gigs in their native land. The idea that Australian bands are the best live acts in the world was certainly given more credence by their gutsy performance.


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