That time I asked Jeff Healey about his 1989 Grammy nomination and he told me that Jimmy Page would probably win

By Steve Newton

On February 16, 1989, I did the second of my three interviews with Canadian guitar hero Jeff Healey.

He was only 22 at the time, but holy crap could that guy play!

Anyway, this was about five months after the release of his wicked debut album, See the Light, which you may recall for the Healey-penned title track and its killer covers of tunes by John Hiatt (“Confidence Man”), ZZ Top (“Blue Jean Blues”), and Freddy King (“Hideaway”).

The latter track had been nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, and the ceremony was happening six days after our chat, so as the interview wound down I asked him what he thought of the nomination.

There was some tough competition for Healey, the other nominees being Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, and Carlos Santana. He seemed pretty sure that the guy from Led Zeppelin was going to take home the trophy, but in the end it went to Carlos for Blues for Salvador.

Have a listen:



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