Alice Cooper’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

By Steve Newton

The Coop ruled in the early seventies.

20. “Big Apple Dreamin’ (Hippo)” (Muscle of Love, 1973)

19. “Unfinished Sweet” (Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

18. “My Stars” (School’s Out, 1972)

17. “Elected” (Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

16. “You Drive Me Nervous” (Killer, 1971)

15. “Hard Hearted Alice” (Muscle of Love, 1973)

14. “Alma Mater” (School’s Out, 1972)

13. “Hello Hooray” (Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

12. “Cold Ethyl” (Welcome to My Nightmare, 1975)

11. “School’s Out” (School’s Out, 1972)

10. “Ballad of Dwight Fry” (Love It to Death, 1971)

9. “Under My Wheels” (Killer, 1971)

8. “Luney Tune” (School’s Out, 1972)

7. “Desperado” (Killer, 1971)

6. “Be My Lover” (Killer, 1971)

5. “No More Mister Nice Guy” (Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

4. “Billion Dollar Babies” (Billion Dollar Babies, 1973)

3. “I’m Eighteen” (Love It to Death, 1971)

2. “Halo of Flies” (Killer, 1971)

1. “Caught in a Dream” (Love It to Death, 1971)



4 thoughts on “Alice Cooper’s 20 best songs, from wicked to freakin’ awesome

  1. Alice has done plenty of great songs and albums since the original 8 albums. The Last Temptation and Brutal Planet album for instance are masterpieces. Might As Well Be on Mars off of Hey Stoopid may be the best song he has ever done.

    1. In my view, only one song doesn’t belong on the above list: #12 Cold Ethyl, and Alice Cooper truly only made 8 studio albums, from Pretties For You to AC’s Greatest Hits.

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