Ear of Newt takes the Patreon route

By Steve Newton

Since launching Ear of Newt on Halloween night of 2013, it’s been a labour of love bringing my lifelong passion for rock music to you, Gentle Reader (as Stephen King might say).

The main thing my website always had going for it, I reckon, was the hundreds of interviews that I’ve done since 1982, and collected on stacks of cassette tapes. In the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time digitizing these conversations, and posting excerpts from them whenever I get the time. People seem to enjoy the casual, off-the-cuff approach I take when getting the scoop from some of the biggest names in rock. Either that or they think I suck and I’m full of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m ramping up the digitizing of those old tapes, and instead of audio excerpts I’m gonna post the entire interviews, most of which begin with the sound of a telephone ringing and end with the sound of it hanging up. (The vast majority of my interviews were done over the phone, because back in the day there were these things called “major labels” which would set up “phoners”, usually when a band was touring, to help sell “albums”, along with the concert tickets.)

I’m posting the interviews to my Patreon page. Just today I posted full interviews with guitar legends Danny Gatton (from 1993), Ronnie Montrose (1994), and Gary Moore (1984). These have never been heard in their entirety before. “Awesome Newt!,” you’re probly saying, “I love all those guys! Thanks!”

Well hold on there pardner. There’s a catch. I’m done doin’ everything for free. It’s time to pay the piper, me being the guy with the pipe.

It costs $5 (U.S.) a month to get access to the interviews. So that means that for the price of a Molson Pilsner down at the pub you can enjoy 30 days or so of raw, uncut, previously unheard conversations with some of your fave rockers. Now, I know Molson Pilsners are tasty, so it’s a tough call. At any rate, that’s where my hard sell ends.

Hey, maybe this whole Patreon thing won’t fly, and I’ll have to find another way to make a buck or two with 37 years’ worth of rock journalism. Anybody wanna buy 1000 or so interviews on tape? Ronnie James Dio’s in there!

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  1. Good luck with Patreon Steve. Your rock and roll reportage is both a great personal achievement and an important cultural treasure, spanning, as it does, the entire modern (what I like to call) post-“video killed the music star” generation of popular music.

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